国際シンポジウム The State of Democracy in Asia




Democracy is said to be at risk in many parts of the world. What about in Asia? Are democracies in Asia advancing or backsliding? Are Asian autocracies becoming more democratic, or strengthening their grip? What factors contribute to changes being observed? What interventions are possible to protect people from undesirable political development? This one-day international symposium brings together academics and practitioners from various parts of the world to explore these and other related issues. This event coincides with the launch of the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Regional Center for East Asia.


10:00-10:05 Welcome Remarks  Yuko Kasuya (Keio University)  


10:05-10:50 Keynote Speech 1

   Marianne Kneuer (President, International Political Science Association/University of Hildesheim)

      Autocratization and its Challenges for Comparative Research


  —Coffee Break—


11:10-12:55   Panel 1  Assessing the State of Democracy   

   Chair  Julio C. Teehankee (De La Salle University)  

      Paper Presenters

         Kota Mori (V-Dem East Asia Regional Center Research Fellow) & Yuko Kasuya* 

            Visualizing the State of Democracy in Asia through V-Dem  

         Yuko Kasuya & Benjamin Reilly* (University of Western Australia)

            The Shift from Majoritarian to Consensual Democracy in Asia

         Yi-Ting Wang* (National Cheng Kung University), Szu-Ning Ping (National Cheng Kung University), Wen-Yang Chang (National Chengchi University)

            The Effects of China’s Foreign Aid on Political Accountability

         Discussant  Yoshikuni Ono (Tohoku University)    


  —Lunch break —


14:00-14:45  Keynote Speech 2  Staffan I. Lindberg (Director, V-Dem Institute/ Gothenburg University)

   The Varieties of Democracy Approach, and Democracy Promotion in a New World of Autocratization


 —Coffee Break—


15:15-17:00  Panel 2  Can Democracy be Promoted? 

   Chair   Taehee Whang (Yonsei University)

      Paper Presenters  

         Vasu Mohan (International Foundation for Electoral Systems, U.S.A.)

            Global Threats to Democracy and the Role of  Democratic Donor Nations in Countering these Threats

         Hiroaki Shiga (JICA Research Institute)

            Uniquely Asian Way of Democracy Promotion?  Constitutional democracy promotion by Japan and India

         Lahpai Seng Raw (Metta Development Foundation, Myanmar)

            Transformation of an Entrenched Political System: The Need for International Responsibility

         Discussant Marie Lall (University College London)


17:00 – 17:05  Closing Remarks   Yuko Kasuya


* paper presenter


お問い合わせ/Inquires  粕谷祐子/ Yuko Kasuya   ykasuya@law.keio.ac.jp 



本シンポジウムは, 慶應義塾大学・学事振興資金(研究科枠) ,  同・SGU資金,  同・小泉基金, 野村財団, 村田学術振興財団,科研(B)「アジアにおける独裁と民主主義の歴史的起源」からの資金助成を受けています。