Asian Electoral Studies(AES) Conference

➭2018年10月27日に三田キャンパスで慶應義塾大学社会科学データ・アーカイヴセンター(SU)と韓国選挙学会、台湾国立政治大学選挙研究センターによるAsian Electoral Studies (AES) Conferenceを開催しました(共催:文部科学省科研費・研究代表者・小林良彰)。当日のプログラムは下記の通りです。


2018 AES Conference

Session 1: Chair: Chi Huang (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University)

1・Title: Exploring Citizen’s Anti-partyism in Taiwan

Paper givers: Ching-hsin Yu (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University) and Tsung-han Tsai (Associate Professor, National Chengchi University)

Discussant: Takeshi Iida(Associate Professor, Doshisha University)

2・Title: Presidential Electoral System and Making Coalition Government

Paper giver: Yong Heun An (Professor, Catholic University of Dague)

Discussant: Jeihee Kyung (Lecturer, Keio University)

3・Title: Military Threat, Terrorism, and Government Popularity in Japan

Paper giver: Hirofumi Miwa (Associate Professor, Dept.of Political Science, Gakushuin University)

Discussant: Naoko Taniguchi (Associate Professor, Keio University)

Session 2: Chair: Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor, Keio University)

4・Title: Personality and Party Identification in Taiwan

Paper givers: Lu-huei Chen (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University), Chung-han Liao (Doctoral Student, National Chengchi University), Chia-hung Tsai (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University )

Discussant: Youngho Cho (Professor, Sogang University)

5・Title: The Winning possibility of Female Candidate in Korea

Paper giver: Minjeoung Kim (Professor, City University of Seoul)

Discussant: Takeshi Iida(Associate Professor, Doshisha University)

6・Title: Changing Legislature, Changing Politics : Quotas, Electoral Systems, and Political Representation

Paper givers: Yuta Kamahara (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University), Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor, Keio University)

Discussant: Tsai, Tsung-han (Associate Professor, National Chengchi University)


Session 3: Chair: Wook Kim (Professor, Pai Chai University)

Title: Analyzing National Factors in Taiwan’s Local Elections

7・Paper givers: Eric Chen-hua Yu (Associate Research Fellow, National Chengchi University), Su-feng Cheng (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University), and Nathan Batto (Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica and National Chengchi University)

Discussant: Yuta Kamahara (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)

8・Title: Why Has the Regionalist Party System Persisted in South Korea?

: Korean Regionalism in a Comparative Perspective

Paper giver: Youngho Cho (Professor, Sogang University)

Discussant: Masataka Harada (Associate Professor, Fukuoka University)

9・Title: Measuring Destruction from Above: Long-Term Effects of the WWII Air Raid Damages on Contemporary Sociopolitical Activities in Japan

Paper giver: Masataka Harada (Associate Professor, Fukuoka University)

Discussant: Yu, Ching-hsin (Research Fellow, National Chengchi University)