Opening Remarks:

Tobin IM (Director of GSPA)

Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor of Keio University)

Session 1: Moderator: Professor Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Keio University)


  1. Quality of Governance at national level

Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor of Keio University)

  1. Local Elections and Local Governance

Hiroki Tsukiyama (Associate Professor of Kansai University)

  1. The Alliance Dilemma in the Public Mind: A Survey Experiment in Japan.

Takeshi Iida (Associate Professor of Doshisha University)

  1. How war damage affects present civil society at local level

Masataka Harada (Associate Professor of Fukuoka University)

  1. Malapportionment and Redistricting

Yuta Kamahara (Associate Professor of Yokohama National University)

Session 2:Moderator: Soon Eun Kim(Professor Seoul National University)


  1. An Assessment of Various Attempts to Enhance Local Governance in Korea

Soon Eun Kim (Seoul National University) and Ji-min Choi (Researcher, Korean Research Institute of Local Administration)

  1. Governance for Policy Learning: Design and ethics Taehyon Choi (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
  2. Public services and need satisfaction Youngwoong Kang (Post-doctoral Researcher at GSPA)
  3. Government Trust and Public Transportation Spending in the United States

Jaeyoung Lim (Post-doctoral Researcher at GSPA)

  1. Changes in Government Trust and Voting Behavior of Young People in Korea

Seyeong Cha, Yunjin Jung (Post-doctoral Researcher at GSPA)

  1. War and People: Militarization of North Korean Society

Jiho Ahn, Hyemin Choi (Post-doctoral Researcher at GSPA)

Discussion (Seong Jong Lee. Professor Seoul National University)