Understanding Key Concepts at the Keio Faculty of Law

Words & Phrases You’ll Hear During Your Job Search


An internship is a professional learning experience where students receive practical work experience and training at a company or organization. Internships are offered by many private corporations, government offices, and local governments, and they often take place during spring, summer, or winter holidays to not interfere with classes.

Industry Research

Industry research provides students a chance to do in-depth studies on the structure and current state of an industry or private corporation they are interested in. This is an important process that students must take seriously as it will help clarify the career they want to pursue and is a chance for them to show their dedication to working in business.

Meeting with Alumni

Meeting with alumni gives students the opportunity to receive concrete, real-world insights into the corporations they are interested in and learn about corporate culture and what day-to-day operations are like. Students can directly connect with alumni through student groups and seminars as well as through the alumni search system available through Career Services.

Entry Sheet

An entry sheet is a company-specific form that is submitted together with a standard resumé. Students will want to carefully consider why a company is asking the questions on the entry sheet and do their best to provide a clear, concise, and well-written response. Entry sheet responses should show a student’s motivation and enthusiasm for the position they are applying for, supported by their past experiences as well as previous industry research and self-analysis.

Formal Job Offer (Naitei)

A formal offer of employment is given following a written examination, document screening, interview, and other procedures generally conducted during the spring and summer of a student’s fourth year at university. Students who have yet to receive a formal offer of employment can check new job postings or visit Career Services for further consultation. Students who receive multiple job offers are encouraged to accept their first choice as soon as possible.